Since 2010, PonteMed AG, based in Arbon, Switzerland, has been a pioneer in the development of innovative medical products and is passionately committed to promoting health and quality of life.

Modern lifestyle habits are characterized by longer periods of sitting. Even during physical activity, we often spend hours in cars, trains, and planes. In fitness centers, the focus is usually on training external muscles, while the essential core of the body, including the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles, is often neglected.

Dr. Remo Schneider recognized this gap and collaborated with international experts, doctors, and therapists to develop the revolutionary pelvic floor training device, PelviPower. This device was created to meet the growing needs of all population groups!

The vision

“Today, over 360,000 training sessions are completed worldwide annually—a number that continues to grow steadily, even hourly. Ultimately, our goal is to restore and preserve the proverbial strength from the core of the body to all individuals. Through this, we aim to provide more freedom and an enhanced quality of life. Together with my dedicated team, I am fully committed to this mission with unwavering passion.”

Yours sincerely, Dr. Remo Schneider

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