What our customers say about PelviPower™:

“Pelvic floor training is very important in active skiing. Unfortunately, it’s mostly boring. 

The PelviPower ™ training brings me a highly effective strengthening of the deep muscles and the proverbial strength from the center for a short time.”

Mathias G., 26 years

PelviPower™ training for sportspeople

“All that cycling didn’t really affect my potency. However, thanks to my physiotherapist, I found a relaxed method. The PelviPower ™ training. Now that I feel powerful and relaxed I can finally live out my sexuality again . My erection is back.”

Dieter W., 47 years

PelviPower™ training against erectile dysfunction

“With the onset of my menopause, my Libodo said goodbye, much to my husband’s regret.

He himself brought me to the PelviPower ™, together we can now feel lust and vitality again. My self-confidence is back and I can just smile away the symptoms of menopause.”

Birgit W., 51 years

PelviPower™ training against a loss of libido

“Coordination and a strong core are a basic requirement in my sport (handball), so PelviPower is the best solution for me to strengthen my pelvic floor.”

Karin Z., no age information

PelviPower™ training for sportspeople

“Because of my office job and little sport, I have one or two back problems. 

Training with the PelviPower ™ saves time and strengthens my core, which my back thanks me.”

Jürgen F., 41 years

PelviPower™ training for sportspeople

“2 years after my prostatectomy, I was considered cured, but still had to struggle with bladder weakness and low potency. PelviPower has accompanied me since then and I am very satisfied with the results”

Michael S., 57 years

PelviPower™ training for prostatectomy

“I get a buoyant and persistent feeling with every Pelvi session. I can fully feel and perceive my core again. 

My skin on my buttocks and thighs shows a positive side effect. The cellulite hasn’t completely disappeared, but I see firmer skin in my vacation photos.”

Frauke K., 32 years

PelviPower™ training against cellulite

“Since my failed colon cancer operation I have had stool incontinence. For many years I was not able to leave my apartment for a long period of time and I did not even dare to dream about vacation. It was thanks to the sheer coincidence of a newspaper advertisement that I became aware of PelviPower ™. Thanks to a sensitive therapist and the magnetic field training I can feel my pelvic floor again and at least control my urge to defecate. Now I can meet up with friends for coffee and cake and not stress all the time”

Gunda M., 75 years

PelviPower™ training against incontinence

Expert opinions

“Magnetic field stimulation is well suited to strengthen the core of the body. It offers an excellent in-depth effect for effective, neuromuscular training.”

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Winfried Mayr

Professor of Rehabilitation Technology

“This training is a helpful option, especially when treating people with restricted mobility.”

Prim. Dr. univ. med. Eva Maria Uher

Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation;
sex medicine;
head of -Pelvic floor in the center-,Vienna

“With PelviPower ™ training it is possible for women and mothers to improve their coordination and strength in their pelvic floor and to eliminate incontinence and the symptoms of pelvic floor subsidence.”

Maria Elliott

Director MEPS Clinic, London

“PelviPower™ training is an effective and safe treatment to strengthen your pelvic floor”

Dr. Nicolas Peifer-Weiss

Doctor in training to become a specialist in orthopedics

“The technology is fully developed. Due to the variability, the therapeutic spectrum ranges from stool incontinence to rehabilitation after prostatectomy. The system is a good addition to continence therapy.”

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and proctologist FMH;
Surgery & rectal practice;
St. Gallen, Switzerland

“The training is very positive. In almost all patients there was a clear improvement or symptom relief.”

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi

Specialist in General Medicine;
State-certified trainer for weight training and gymnastics;
CMI diploma for men’s medicine

“Not only competitive athletes but everyone should start taking care of their health early enough in their lives. PelviPower ™ training is easy to use, saves time and brings excellent results in prevention and fitness for the pelvic floor.”

Dirk Ulaszewski

Olympic participant, Seoul 1988 in the 1,000 meter single kayak; Multiple World Cup participant; Multiple German champion;
Member of emadeus (Club of the German Sports Aid Foundation); Member of the “VSO”

“PelviPower™ is a highly effective method. It is very convenient and can be easily integrated into everyday practice.”

John Ludescher

Physiotherapist / owner of “PraxisGesundmacherei”,
Röthis Austria