Expert Opinions

“Magnetic field stimulation is extremely well suited to strengthening the body core. It has a powerful, deeply penetrating effect for effective neuromuscular training”.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Winfried Mayr

Professor for Rehabilitation Technology

“This therapy is a helpful option, particularly when treating older patients with restricted mobility”.

Prim. Dr. univ. med. Eva Maria Uher

Consultant for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Specialist in Sexual Medicine, Head of Pelvic Floor Training, Vienna

“PelviPower™ training allows women and mothers to improve their coordination, strength and force of pelvic floor contraction, thereby eliminating urinary incontinence and symptoms of prolapse”.

Maria Elliott

Physiotherapist, Head of the MEPS Clinic, London

“PelviPower training is an effective and safe treatment for strengthening the pelvic floor.”

Dr. Nicolas Peifer-Weiss

General Practitioner

“This technology is well-engineered and state-of-the-art. Because of its versatility, its therapeutic range covers many areas from faecal incontinence to post-prostatectomy rehabilitation. The system is a great addition to continence therapy”.

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and Proctologist FMH
Surgery & rectal practice, St. Gallen, Switzerland

“This training has been very successful. Almost every patient experienced a substantial improvement or complete alleviation of their symptoms”.

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi

Consultant for General Medicine
State-approved trainer for sports and gymnastics,
CMI Diploma in Andrology

“Not only competitive athletes, but everyone should be planning ahead early for their health and quality of life. PelviPower™ training is easy to use, saves time and provides excellent results in prevention and fitness for the pelvic floor”.

Dirk Ulaszewski

Olympian, Seoul 1988 in the men’s 1000 m single Kayak,
participated in several World Championships and

multiple German champion,
member of emadeus (German Sports Aid Foundation club),

member of “VSO”

“PelviPower™ is a highly effective method. It’s very convenient and very easy to integrate into everyday practice”. 

John Ludescher

Physiotherapist / Owner “PraxisGesundmacherei”, Röthis Austria

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