Pelvic floor training for men

More performance, radiance and potency

Advantages of the PelviPowerTM training

  • Help against erectile dysfunction
  • Stimulation of blood flow in the genital area
  • Potency increase and better sex
  • Help before/after a prostatectomy (prostate removal) with incontinence complaints
  • Prevention of incontinence

The PelviPower™ Training System

The innovative way to train the deep muscles
in the core of your body
In everyday clothing, very comfortable while sitting,
15 – 20 minutes per training unit
Up to 25.000 contractions give you a clearly noticeable effect –
gentle, safe and clean

What do experts say?

“This technology is well-engineered and state-of-the-art. Because of its versatility, its therapeutic range covers many areas from faecal incontinence to post-prostatectomy rehabilitation. The system is a great addition to continence therapy”.

Dr. med. univ. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and Proctologist FMH
Surgery & rectal practice, St. Gallen, Switzerland

“This training has been very successful. Almost every patient experienced a substantial improvement or complete alleviation of their symptoms”.

Dr. med. univ. Darius Chovghi

Consultant for General Medicine
State-approved trainer for sports and gymnastics,
CMI Diploma in Andrology

Step by step to trial training

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2. Fill in the form
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to provide your contact details.
Man sieht den PelviPower Medical mit einer Animation der Magnetfeldspule.
3. Strengthen the pelvic floor
Here we go!
We look forward to your visit.

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PelviPower makes your life exhilarating

This is what customers are saying about training using PelviPower

“Presumably all the cycling I do didn’t necessarily strengthen my potency. I learnt about the relaxing effect of PelviPower™ training from my physiotherapist. Now I can enjoy my sex life again in a relaxed and powerful way. My erection works again”.

Dieter W., 47 years old

PelviPower™ training to combat erectile dysfunction

“Two years after my prostatectomy, I was considered cured – but I still struggled with bladder weakness and potency. Rehabilitative training using PelviPower™ has led to a significant improvement”.

Michael S., 46 years old

PelviPower™ training for potency problems

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Frequently asked questions
Do you have any questions about PelviPower?

PelviPowerTM ist perfekt für Leute geeignet, PelviPower™ is perfect for people who are short of time. PelviPower™ is based on brief, effective sessions so it fits into even the most stressful of daily lives.

How long will it take to notice an improvement in my muscle tone?
Most users tend to notice the benefits of PelviPower training fairly quickly. The degree of improvement isn’t completely the same for any one person, but most users feel an improvement after about their fifth session, some a bit earlier and some a bit later.
Ist es richtig, dass ich mich nicht ausziIs it correct that I don’t have to undress and that no probes or similar are attached or inserted?
Yes, it is possible to do this training without undressing or changing clothes. You sit in a comfortable training chair in an adjustable, relaxed position and let the technology do the work for you. Your pelvic floor muscles are rhythmically contracted and relaxed again.
How long does the effect of treatment last?
There is no single answer to this question: on the one hand, how long the effect of PelviPower™ lasts depends on the user’s condition when they commence training. On the other, it depends on whether training is followed by independent training or physical activities.
What advantages does pelvic floor training on the PelviPower have compared to traditional pelvic floor training?
On the one hand, the most important advantages are that PelviPower™ training does not require any effort. And on the other that it has a stronger effect than traditional pelvic floor exercises or independent training.
Would it help if I exercise my pelvic floor by myself as well?
To date, there is no evidence that performing additional pelvic floor exercises will speed up treatment success. However, it is advisable to start doing your own exercises as early as possible. PelviPower™ therapy enables patients to feel their pelvic floors earlier and more distinctly than with traditional exercises. One advantage is that a better body awareness of the pelvic floor muscles can be developed relatively quickly and in a targeted fashion.