The innovative deep training system

PelviPower Sport

With our “PelviPower Sport”, your gym has a proven training device at its disposal that ideally complements existing training circuits. “PelviPower Sport” comes with four study-based modes, thus providing an ideal workout for both men and women.

Your new training device for the pelvic floor

Open up new target groups for your gym

Your regular customers will be thrilled that you’re introducing them to a still unknown, revolutionarily effective training option – and will recommend it to others. This – and targeted marketing – will bring you lots of new customers, in part from completely new customer groups.

Further benefits of being a PelviPower™ partner

More customers
You benefit from opening up a new customer group (pelvic floor strengthening).
Free partner information
Using your partner login, you have access to the partner portal. We give you advice and support on professional and technical matters.
More turnover
The additional range of services you can offer with PelviPower™ also results in an increase in turnover.
PelviPower™ network
Benefit from our international network & our strong brand. As a member of our Academy, you’re a part of a global development and research programme.
Extensive marketing support
You will receive extensive support from us offline as well as online and have the opportunity to order ready-made PelviPower™ promotional materials.
PelviPower™ Academy
The PelviPower™ Academy offers extensive training and workshops for you and your employees. After successful completion, you will receive our PelviPower™ certificate.

Training interval

Reaching your goal with maximum efficiency

15–20 min
Training time
1–3 sessions
Per week
4–12 weeks
Training period

The PelviPower™ system

Your entire pelvic musculature and hip, buttock and thigh areas are trained.

Your entire pelvic musculature and hip, buttock and thigh areas are trained.

A repetitive magnetic pulse stimulates and relaxes your pelvic floor muscles at a neuromuscular level. The micro-massage effect stimulates circulation, throughout the buttock and lower lumbar region, and metabolism.

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Why isn’t pelvic floor training a question of age?

A weak and untrained pelvic floor can make itself felt in many ways, even at a young age. We’ve compiled the most important points for you here. REDUCED STABILITY Pain in the pelvic area Back pain Poor posture and posture-related problems Increased likelihood of injury during sport and activit INCONTINENCE AND BLADDER WEAKNESS Involuntary urine loss Involuntary stool loss and/or bloating Bladder weakness POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION Swelling – a loss of the pelvic floor’s muscle pumping function can lead to swelling or pelvic congestion.

Recovery after childbirth with PelviPower

Among other things, your pelvic floor is responsible for closing your orifices, thus ensuring continence (bowel/bladder). It is completely normal for the pelvic floor muscles to change during pregnancy. Your network of muscles and connective tissue fibres simply becomes looser, which in turn is important for the development of your baby in the womb. Women often struggle with incontinence after pregnancy, for instance. If the pelvic floor is very weak, there is also a risk of organ prolapse. Thus, it is very important after pregnancy that women get their pelvic floor “in shape” again and their core strong. This can…

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

PelviPower training is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to strengthen and train the pelvic floor muscles. If you enjoy exercise and would also like to incorporate pelvic floor training into your everyday life, you should read on here now. Here we describe the two most common pelvic floor exercises that you can do independently. You can incorporate these exercises into your training – at home or at the gym – as often as you like. It is important that you pay attention to correct breathing.This “mnemonic” is helpful in this caseI = Inhale and relaxE = Exhale and…