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Your partner for the innovative pelvic floor training

PelviPower™ supports your customers in the best possible way

The PelviPower™ Training System

The innovative way to train the deep muscles
in the core of your body
In everyday clothing, very comfortable while sitting, 15 – 20 minutes per training unit
Up to 25.000 contractions give you a clearly noticeable effect – gentle, safe and clean

Further benefits of being a PelviPower™ partner

More customers
You benefit from opening up a new customer group (pelvic floor strengthening).
Study-based programme options
Our team of experts has developed standards protocols for a series of indications, which are available for patients with personal treatments cards.
More turnover
The additional range of services you can offer with PelviPower™ also results in an increase in turnover.
Reliable logistics
We install the entire PelviPower system on your premises, according to your conditions
Extensive marketing support
Professional social media marketing at attractive partner prices..
PelviPower™ Academy
The PelviPower™ Academy offers extensive training and workshops for you and your employees. After successful completion, you will receive our PelviPower™ certificate.

 PelviPower™ supports and has a preventive effect in many areas


Vitality and increased potency


Relaxation and strengthening


Menopause and increased libido


Bladder weakness and leaking

Young mothers

Recovery after birth


Performance and stability

Training interval

Reaching your goal with maximum efficiency

15–20 min
Training time
1–3 sessions
Per week
4–12 weeks
Training period
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