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Premium quality and safety, globally unique, intuitive system operation
In everyday clothing, very comfortably while sitting, 15 – 20 minutes per training unit
Gentle, safe and effective
CE-certified medical product class lla
Man sieht eine Grafik vom PelviPower. er PelviPower ist nach rechts gedreht und man sieht die innen verbaute Magnetspule. Rechts im Bild sieht man eine Animation des Beckenbodens.

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PelviPower™ Academy
The international network for permanent research, scientific studies and exchange of clinical knowledge.
Study-based programme options
Our team of experts has developed standards protocols for a series of indications, which are available for patients with personal treatments cards.
Reliable logistics
We install the entire PelviPower system on your premises, according to your conditions.
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Professional social media marketing at attractive partner prices.

 Indications unleashed: Embrace the power of customized treatments


Vitality and increased potency


Relaxation and strengthening


Menopause and increased libido


Bladder weakness and leaking

Young mothers

Recovery after birth


Performance and stability

Recommended training interval

Achieving the goal with maximum efficiency

15–20 min
Training time
1–3 sessions
Per week
4–12 weeks
Training period