“In active skiing, pelvic floor training is very important. Unfortunately, it tends to be boring. In a short period of time, PelviPower™ training provides me with highly effective strengthening of my deep muscles and that proverbial core strength”.

Mathias G., 26 years old

PelviPower™ training for sportspeople

“Presumably all the cycling I do didn’t necessarily strengthen my potency. I learnt about the relaxing effect of PelviPower™ training from my physiotherapist. Now I can enjoy my sex life again in a relaxed and powerful way. My erection works again”.

Dieter W., 47 years old

PelviPower™ training to combat erectile dysfunction

“With the onset of menopause, my libido said goodbye, much to my husband’s regret as well. He introduced me to the PelviPower™ himself, and together we now feel pleasure and vitality again. My self-confidence is back, and I can just smile away my menopausal symptoms”.

Birgit W., 51 years old

PelviPower™ training to combat a loss of libido

“Coordination and a strong core are a basic requirement in my sport (handball), so PelviPower is the best solution for me to strengthen my pelvic floor”.

Karin Z., no age given

PelviPower™ training for sportspeople

“As I have an office job and don’t do much exercise, I have one or two back complaints. Training with the PelviPower™ saves me time and strengthens my core, which my back thanks me for”.

Jürgen F., 41 years old

PelviPower™ training for back pain

“Two years after my prostatectomy, I was considered cured – but I still struggled with bladder weakness and potency. Rehabilitative training using PelviPower™ has led to a significant improvement”.

Michael S., 46 years old

PelviPower™ training for potency problems

“Every time I have a Pelvi session, I have an ongoing feeling of invigoration. I can fully feel and perceive my body’s core again.  

The appearance of my skin on my buttocks and thighs reflects one positive side effect. The cellulite hasn’t completely disappeared, but I see firmer skin in my holiday photos”.

Frauke K., 32 years old

PelviPower™ training to combat cellulite

“I have suffered from faecal incontinence, after an unsuccessful bowel cancer surgery, for many years. I was no longer able to leave my flat for several hours at a time, and holidays were simply out of the question.
It was by sheer coincidence that I found out about PelviPower™ from a newspaper ad.

Thanks to a sensitive therapist and magnetic field training, I can now feel my pelvic floor a little more again and control my urge to have a bowel movement – at least enough to go out for coffee and cake with a friend. Out of the house, of course!”

Gunda M., 75 years old

PelviPower™ to combat incontinence

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PelviPower™ is perfect for people who are short of time. PelviPower™ is based on brief, effective sessions so it fits into even the most stressful of daily lives.

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